As the cold winter and rainy spring weather come to an end, we can finally look forward to summertime in Chicago. The hot weather, however, can bring just as many issues to your elevator system as the frigid winter does. Similar preparation is needed to ensure your machine room temperature is controlled and its operations are running smoothly. Continue reading for more information on the causes and effects of hot weather on your elevator and how to prevent equipment failure. 

Causes of Elevated Temperatures 

The main causes of over-temperature in machine rooms are:

  • A failure of the machine room ventilation system 
  • A failure of the cabinet ventilating system such as cooling fan failures or vent restrictions 
  • An increase in the elevator duty cycle beyond the design criteria 
  • Sustained operation at low AC input voltage levels 
  • A fire condition in the building

Learn more: 3Marchitto_R9100725_High_Temperature_Ope.pdf (


If the temperature in your machine room is too high, the electronic board in the control cabinet will work abnormally and you could experience the following: 

  • Controller failure 
  • Door operator failure 
  • Motor failure 
  • Malfunctions resulting in shutdowns 

Did You Know?

The NEII Vertical Transportation Standard states that machine room temperatures should be between 55 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Learn more: NEII-1

Elevator Control Panel 

It’s also important to monitor machine room temperature because the elevator controller temperatures operate about 10-15 degrees warmer inside the panel. If the machine room is 100 degrees, the temperature in the control panel could be 115 degrees or more.

Prevent and Protect 

Making sure your machine room is climate-controlled and safe from overheating is important as we approach the upcoming season. If the temperature is too high, your elevator will most likely experience malfunctions resulting in costly shutdowns. It can also decrease the lifespan of your elevator, causing premature modernization and compromising safety. Something to also consider: the amount of heat released from your elevator equipment in the machine room depends on the amount of traffic in your building and the type of equipment you have. Monitoring machine room temperatures, ensuring proper ventilation and making sure the AC is working as it should are all steps you and your elevator tech can take this summer.