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Designing a new elevator system and cab interior can be cumbersome for any manager or building owner. Our team partners with architects and engineers to expertly create a plan for your elevators that not only provides a safe, efficient passenger experience but also a beautiful end result that exudes both class and elegance. Whether you’re looking for a trendy, modern style or a more classic look, we’ve got you covered.

Not sure where to start on your elevator replacement or new installation? We have in-house design consultants who are committed to finding the right style for your cab interiors. Through collaboration, we’ll create an aesthetic that will make a lasting impression on your passengers and highlight the integrity of your building.


Smart Elevators maintains 69 units of vertical transport equipment throughout Great Lakes Naval Base. The mechanics are reliable, extremely knowledgeable, communicative, organized, and efficient. Their response times are very good and we have great communication with the mechanics, QC, and owner of Smart. Overall the quality of work exceeds expectations due to their efficiency, reliability of repairs, organization of tracking, safety consciousness, and proactive guidance as to what may be needed in the future so we are rarely caught off guard.

John, Branch Manager

Not only reasonably priced, but they show up every single month for preventative maintenance without my having to call them to remind them. Sounds pretty basic, but other companies I have used never come unless they are called and even then, it can be like pulling teeth. In addition, the techs are extremely knowledgeable and great to work with. Communication is excellent and they are overall, a great company to do business with.

David, Property Manager

It was smart to go with Smart! They are doing things to our equipment that should have been done a long time ago. An example is they created a splash guard to keep the oil from flinging off the motor and all over the machine house on the 32nd floor. I have never seen a solution like this before, but it works. They get points from me for thinking of this on their own and just doing it! One less thing to worry about!

FYI – I had our previous contractor’s phone number memorized. I do not have your phone memorized because I do not need to call you on a weekly basis like I did with them. I cannot say how much I appreciate your company. You all are the best!

Neal, Property Manager

I am getting incredible compliments on the new buttons. It’s been so long since I’ve received a compliment on the elevators.

Rob, Property Manager

We are so thankful to be able to work with such a knowledgeable team that makes the job seem effortless.

Kris, Facility Manager

I wanted to thank you for the level of outstanding service you provided Sodexo Magic and CPS in regards to the elevators and ADA devices that you maintained. Prior to Smart Elevators joining the team, the elevators throughout CPS have been a disappointment to Sodexo Magic and CPS. The units were a frequent sore subject and complaints were at an all-time high. School engineers complained about the lack of inspections and neglect provided by previous elevator maintenance providers. School principals were constantly complaining about the number of units left down and broken. The elevator units were at an abysmal 34% in compliance within internal records.

Smart Elevators has been able to turn the compliance rate to 98% compliance within a short time period. CPS engineer complaints were eliminated. Upset principal communication ceased to exist. You have a team of dedicated elevator mechanics that seem to go above and beyond with the team of engineers and field superintendents. Your mechanics have provided our engineers with quick updates and solutions for further improvements. Smart Elevators provided an exceptional level of service throughout our entire portfolio. CPS compliments Sodexo on the outstanding elevator service. Due to that satisfaction level, in 2018, Smart was given an additional 208 units to maintain.

It is very hard to find a company with such honesty, integrity and responsiveness. Scott Kinzie and Wayne Rice of Smart Elevators management have been a tremendous asset for Smart Elevators and they receive my highest recommendation.

Eric, Executive Facilities Director

Keep up the great work. You guys make my job so much easier. Thank you all.

George, Chief Engineer

Wayne and the guys are doing a great job over at 1550 State.

Kurt, Vice President

We are very happy with the service and the team from Smart Elevators. Dave Miranda is wonderful!

Kim, Property Manager

We provide essential maintenance to all customers!